A Quick Introduction

I know that I am Intelligent. Because I know that I know nothing— Socrates

The purpose of this story is to exercise and learn properly how to describe and introduce myself, learn to write, and the bonus for me is describing my own case that I had. By creating this story I hope people who read this can know me and I can learn something as I hope will write another story. To give a context from the paragraph below, I will try to introduce myself and explain shortly how creating some artwork can be difficult given the time.

It is easy when you can describe how your friend looks, how they behave, but it doesn’t come easy when you were told to describe yourself. I got into this trouble when I stumbled upon doing personal works, it finds me hard to describe what should I create, giving a context, and how can my signature be in Art & Design.

First of all, before you know your audience, you should know yourself. Creating an artwork is a journey and as time goes, your skill will improve and you will realize your own audience and segment. I believe that each works that we made always had a signature without being realized. We should choose which path we will take and explore. And master it until it is fixed and settled.

The main problem that I came across is, how to express myself and give a proof print on my artwork without using a watermark literally. Some of the other artists already took their path and it was a long journey, it takes time, energy, both physically and mentally. Usually, most people call it artwork style.

And so, to tackle this matter I have an idea to create my first(actually third) writings on this site as a way to describe and introduce myself. I am still green at writings so I try to convey in detail by using a simple data visualization for fun and I hope this can describe and introduce who I am.

To begin with, my name is Dian Ari Andiyan, I live in Jakarta, Indonesia. I am a bachelor's degree graduate from , majoring in Creative Advertising. As the degree said, my field of works is related to advertising. But at the end of my last semester, I turned my wheel and also studied(self-taught) 3D Animation until now.

My raison d’etre or reason for being

I am an introvert, I confidently say that probably because I enjoy times being alone or at home rather than spending most of my time with friends, especially when most of them gather. I rarely enjoy crowded places such as concerts or big events, I do enjoy having a coffee at a café with my laptop. I can spend roughly 5 hours or more just doing personal works almost every day.

Probably I could call myself a self-proclaimed ; I love reading mangas and watching animes and Japanese movies, listening to Japanese music such as Daoko, Lamp, Kinokoteiku, etc. And I used to study Japanese, although it didn’t finish. I also do loves Japanese design style if I said it correctly. My favorite actor and director are and one of my favorite movie from him is kikujiro.

My apparel on a daily basis

Playing video games is my hobby as I pass time, I do love playing single-player games, and dislike online MMORPG and MOBA because it’s tiring, It needs time, and I am kinda reluctant with speaking with a person online. I use PC and PS4 as my console, I don’t have a favorite game until now but I do like the .

I also love motorcycles, though I don’t know about some in-depth maintenance stuff I love to see and ride a custom-built motorcycle such as scrambler, cafe racer, etc.

For my career, I was Junior Art Director Intern at and a Graphic Designer Intern at I applied for Rise Indonesia because It was my fieldwork, and as a motorcycle hobbyist, I applied at Thrive Motorcycle. These companies have honed and tamper me to know how design works and made me who I am now, I am grateful for their given opportunities and irreplaceable wisdom they had taught me.

As for now, I am a freelancer do works for Graphic Design and 3D. And I also do some NFT while I also slowly creating a brand for myself. I do still applying for a new opportunity in a company. While I still have a lot of free time, I still exercise my skill in 3D and looking for job opportunities.

My dream time range

I do have a dream and goals, it is hard to dream at this age but it makes me motivated physically and mentally. I wanted to be a part of the AAA games creative team, Though it is a distant dream, at least the possibility is a little bit comforting than dreaming to become an astronaut or secret agent.

And my goal, for now, is to work and get a stable income, my bigger goal actually is to work as a 3D Artist but time and experiences speak louder than my portfolio. I actually wanted to focus on one field, shortly said become a specialist. Depend on the opportunity and demands, for now, my safest point for me is to be a Graphic Designer or Generalist.

That’s all that mostly I can convey, It was short but I hope this can describe me most. I realize that I was a late bloomer in my career at my age(24), there are far a lot more professional and experienced people around me. But I always try to focus on myself more and I should not think about something that I cannot change and be more serious about things that I can change.

This is just the tip of the ice, if you wanted to know me more or give feedback, just hit and kindly let me know, nothing makes me happy than knowing a new friend to befriend and knowledge to share.

note: I create this medium using English to train my English grammar, pronunciation, etc. Depend on my future content, I will use Bahasa.

Multidisciplinary designer focusing on graphic design and 3D. Learning to write, discuss, and share about creative industry and entertainment.